Quality Management

Quality Management concerns every employee

Our company uses the Quality Management System to deliver high quality products and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Quality means to know the needs of our customers to meet their requirements. The quality of our products and compliance with agreed delivery dates remain our top priority and is supported by all employees.

For the purposes of the PDCA cycle, Steelwind Nordenham has set itself the target of the conception, implementation and continuous development of the Quality Management System.

This ensures that

  • the essential processes for the creation of the offered products and services need to be planned by a documented Management System;
  • all thereby defined processes are used effectively in the future;
  • the processes are constantly inspected for effectiveness and efficiency;
  • if necessary modification measures are developed and implemented.

Our Quality Management System covers all measures which serve to sustainably improve the characteristics of products and services as well as to ensure a uniform presentation of the process and customer orientation of the company. Our processes are regularly monitored and continuously improved by indicator systems.