About us

We are a future-oriented company of the Offshore Wind Industry. We are using a specialized fabrication system based on the integral production of Monopiles and Transition Pieces, including all necessary onshore works and services, like coating and installation of secondary steel or electrical installations.

This is achieved by an effective production line including our own coating workshop and a Transition Piece outfitting hall. Our Company benefits from our staff, their knowledge and teamwork.

The Human Resources department plays a vital role for the company success, using qualified offshore personnel from the region and offering constant training as well as qualifications for the staff.

Steelwind Nordenham is a 100% subsidiary of Dillinger. Dillinger is the oldest stock corporation of Germany. It was founded in 1685 and is well known for high quality plates and is the reliable supplier for heavy plates for Steelwind Nordenham.

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