Terminal Operation | Quay and Crane Information & Capacity

The manufacturing facility in Nordenham/Germany with direct access to the North Sea.

The quayside at the River Weser estuary can be approached from the North Sea without nautical difficulties or obstacles (e.g. locks or bridges). However, pilotage is compulsory on the Weser.

The heavy-duty quay facility in Nordenham has a water depth of 6 m (LAT/SKN) in the area of the two heavy lift cranes (section length approx. 150 m). Since the tidal range in this section is 4 m, the water depth here is approx. 10 m for a limited period of time.

The 200 m long quay is available 24/7 to receive goods and materials or to load products. The total mooring length of the berth is 250 m. The complete quayside area can bear loads of up to 100 t / m². Operational activities (loading/unloading) require coordination with the terminal operator Saar-Rhein Transportgesellschaft mbH (SRT) and Steelwind Nordenham GmbH (SWN).


Quayside and Crane Details
Quay Length 200 m
Max. Ship Length                                                           250 m
Water Depth 6 m LAT (low tide) –10 m LAT (high tide)
Tidal Hub 4 m
Number of Ships max. 2
Jacking of Installation ships         No
Heavy Load Capability Yes
Heavy Load Capacity 100 t/m²
Stocking area 18 ha
Heavy-Duty Cranes 2 x 800 t (net) | 1,600 t (simultaneous)
Crane swing range 45 m (800 t / 1,600 t) | 60 m (500 t / 1,000 t)
Traverses 2 x 17.5 m – 20 m (800 t each)
Mobile Cranes Yes
Tug Cranes Yes


Operator of the heavy lift terminal Blexen is Saar-Rhein Transportgesellschaft mbH.