Integrated Management System

Whoever wants to remain competitive, has to shape quality, environment protection, occupational safety and energy efficiency actively.

Quality assurance, operational environment protection, occupational safety and energy efficiency have evolved a very important part of the modern corporate management. By means of the Integrated Management System we summarise all of these important parts to a uniform structure and get the foundation for a lean and efficient management.

The tools and framework conditions of our Integrated Management System essentially help to optimise the organisation in view of continuous requirements of market and customers.


Steelwind Nordenham is certified by:

These certificates are the foundation for our continuative certification like:

We raise our industrial safety and quality of our products due to the constant improvement of the processes. Thus, we get an environmentally friendly and energy-conscious production.

We carry out regular internal and external audits of every part of our company. We thus ensure that our business philosophy is practised and respected by all employees. By this way potential for improvement can be identified and implemented accordingly.